Whether you’re looking for a shock absorber, complete suspension assembly, or tubular carbon fiber component, QA1 works with you to take your concept from initial design to full production, all at our facility in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Leveraging decades of experience in designing and engineering products in the motorsports industry, QA1 produces custom motion control solutions for a variety of industries. We design and manufacture carbon fiber and other composite material products, as well as custom sub-assemblies for suspension applications, including shock absorbers/dampers, tubular suspension components, carbon fiber driveshafts, rod ends, ball joints, knuckle castings, wheel bearings and seals, wheel hubs, stainless brake disks, forged aluminum brake calipers, CV driveshafts, and suspension bushings.

A full team of in-house engineers and designers works with you to put your project concept together. With over 83,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space and a quality system certified to the ISO 9001 standard, our team will deliver a quality final product at the right time.

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Company Beginnings
Founded in 1993 by Jim Jordan, QA1 introduced rod ends and spherical bearings specifically for the performance racing industry, quickly becoming a leader in rod ends, spherical bearings, custom linkages, and similar products for motorsports. QA1 then continued to grow and started engineering and manufacturing shock absorbers for drag racing, circle track racing, and street performance vehicles, solidifying ourselves as a household name in the performance aftermarket.

With a continued focus on fine-tuning and expanding our product offerings, we expanded our line of fabricated suspension components and launched our full-vehicle suspension kits. Always on the cutting edge of technology, QA1 more recently introduced in-house filament winding of carbon fiber and similar materials, becoming a leader in the carbon fiber driveshaft and composite industry as well.

Expansion into New Industries
As we continued to set new industry standards, we began to use our performance and motion control expertise in other industries, including agriculture, lawn and garden, ATV/UTV, off-highway, construction, energy, packaging, medical equipment, fitness equipment, and many more.

Many of our customers came to us looking for suspension systems or motion management solutions as well as components that could withstand heavy-duty use. Our experience designing and building shocks, fabricated suspension components, and tubular composite components for motorsports in our Lakeville, Minnesota facility meant that we could easily adapt our processes for a wider variety of applications as well as for entirely new industries, providing a fresh look at each application and integrating our own ideas with best practices of each industry for entirely innovative solutions.

The QA1 Advantage

  • An accomplished and well-rounded team versed in design and manufacturing
  • Engaged customer service with industry and product expertise
  • Complete machining and fabrication facilities in-house
  • Established connections with domestic and international manufacturing partners
  • Phase Gate product development process
  • Quick response to prototype and development projects
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Comprehensive quality management system
  • Value engineering expertise
  • Vendor and supplier consolidation - single source of supply
  • Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certified 
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